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Swedish Manufacturer of Outdoor Power Products

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Customer’s global business lacked a consistent approach to process and IT due to its development through mergers and acquisitions. The company therefore wanted to introduce a unified approach to operations to improve service and provide consistency.


GDC Services provides 3rd line support for Customer Workplace which includes following services:

  • fat clients management (desktops/laptops) including troubleshooting of complex issues, implementation of complex changes etc.;
  • thin client management (Futro/IGEL clients) including remote support via Scout Enterprise / IGEL consoles, firmware updates etc.;
  • virtual desktop (Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop accessible from both fat/thin clients) support including management of Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop farms;
  • antivirus management (Symantec Endpoint Protection);
  • image management;
  • software distribution;
  • patch management;
  • application packaging (as an option);
  • hardware certification.

GDC Services runs 2 major projects:

1. Automation tool migration (MS SCCM 2007 has been replaced with latest version – SCCM 2012) which allows to introduce such new features as:

  • self-service portal;
  • extended toolset for 1st and 2nd support lines;
  • ability to integrate SCCM with Intune – MS solution for Mobile Device Management.

2. Upgrade of current Virtual Desktop infrastructure (Citrix XenApp 6.0 has been replaced with Citrix XenDesktop 7.6) which allows to:

  • stabilize environment, decrease number of incidents;
  • extend toolset for troubleshooting for 1st/2nd support lines -> increase first call resolution, decrease overall resolution time;
  • resolve issues with personalization (GPO’s have been fully reviewed).

GDC Services runs several activities to increase overall stability and quality of service:

1. Citrix Stabilization project:

  • health check (full check of entire Citrix environment, analysis of results, develop SIP);
  • disaster Recovery tests to check stability of environment in case service interruption;
  • implementation of Monitoring to prevent any influence to end-users;
  • Citrix servers patching.

2. Image management process review:

  • develop image management procedure to avoid any misunderstandings before involved parties and decrease efforts and timeline for image updates;
  • LLD for images in scope created;
  • idependent pre-UAT checks – to ensure that image is ready for testing and compliant with best-practices;
  • checklist for testing created – to ensure that all details are being checked.

GDC Services also involved in several activities outside of current scope:

  • Mobile device management implementation;
  • Antispam solution;
  • Sharepoint application check and implementation;
  • Monitoring end-user experience using Lakeside Systrack;
  • Hardware certification;
  • AD GPO’s revision;
  • New images creation;
  • Help out with Application packaging


The customers began to see the benefits of the new approach; chief amongst them are the improved service levels and availability achieved through standardized hardware, software and support. This is making the business overall more effective and efficient in operation.

  • Full compliance with the customer business processes and requirements (including SLA)
  • Reduction of the number of incidents by stabilization of the infrastructure
  • Resources availability and flexibility
  • Competitive and flexible service costs
  • Continuous service improvement
  • Access to wide GDC Services knowledge base

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