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Improving governance and communication models


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An audit was conducted by our company. It identified that regular operational meetings with the customer were missing. Customer didn’t have proper governance and communication models in place. Overall quality of delivery from Suppliers was on different level with different approaches. Also, audit showed that Contract Managers were overloaded by operational issues and escalations which led to lack of account development and up/cross-sales.

Identified issues:
  • No proper service improvements in pipeline
  • Customer relationships are not in good shape
  • Many exclusions in operational workflows, which led to additional expenses from the Customer
  • Customer constantly escalates operational issues to CIO and CEO trying to speed up


Delivery Manager with wide experience in stabilization of delivery was added. Delivery Manager created and agreed RASCI matrix splitting scope of responsibility between Delivery Manager and Contract Manager. Delivery Manager was presented to the customer as point of contact for operational issues.


  • Regular operational meetings with customer’s stakeholders were set up. All questions are recorded and tracked and customer’s expectations on duration and quality are being fulfilled
  • Delivery Manager created communication and escalation model and presented it to the customer, this allowed to address proper questions to the proper people. All operational questions started to be solved in BAU mode by Delivery Manager
  • Contract Managers moved their focus on developing customer’s relationships and additional services
  • Delivery Manager set up regular and effective communication between Ops Managers from different Suppliers and launched CSI process of standardization and optimization of delivery

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