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Hybrid Infrastructure Automation (IaaC, DevOps)

Hybrid Infrastructure Automation (IaaC, DevOps)

Using IaC you achieve low operating costs, quick configuration, and risk reduction for your IT.
Using IaC approach, you make your IT configuration a palpable and valuable business asset.

Our service is intended to manage IT infrastructure working with infrastructure manifest instead of editing separate configuration files and typing OS shell commands.
Infrastructure as Code is currently the most advanced approach for infrastructure maintaining and implementing infrastructure changes.

It enables optimization of IT functions for the business needs and generate benefits such as:
  • High reliability of the infrastructure
  • Teams harmony in technical support
  • Low-cost ongoing support
  • Quick Infrastructure scaling
  • Fast recovery if any failures
We work with IaC managed infrastructures for more than 10 years, have a real experience with integration IaC for more than 5 international customers and have more than 100 engineers ready to work with IaC.

Working with GDC Services, you get:

High quality service
  • Continuous infrastructure improvements based on the analysis of incident and alerts statistics.
  • Standardization and keeping the infrastructure relevant to corporate standards.
  • Work according to DevOps practices and flexible methodologies (Agile, Scrum).
  • Following Lean and continuous improvements methodologies.
  • Round-the-clock support 24/7/365, business continuous plan, different Internet communication channels.
High experienced specialists
  • Engineers certified by international vendors (Red Hat, SUSE, LPIC, The Linux Foundation, Microsoft, HachiCorp, Google, etc).
  • Extensive experience in supporting commercial Operating systems, databases, storage, networking, and enterprise-level applications.
  • We focus on the maximum automation of routine operations (Ansible / SaltStack / Bash / Python).
  • We enable continuous professional engineers’ skills development and professional grown.
  • Our engineers are fluent English speakers.
We use the most effective tools in accordance with the exact tasks we have at hand. We are highly experienced working with wide DevOps tool set, such as GitLab, Jenkins, Ansible, SALT, Puppet, Chef, AWX, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Python, PowerShell, Bash, etc. to build the most effective and easy-scalable IT infrastructures.


Quick Recovery
Rapid deployment of the last healthy state after any failure. It is possible to automate that process.
Traceability and heritage
The infrastructure manifest is a single source of data and knowledge for all teams. Using version control, it enables teams to trace any changes within the manifest.
Security and Documentation
Self-documented code-based security standards that can be easily applied equally across different infrastructures.
Scalability and standardization
Agreed infrastructure state, no bugs, no configuration drift.
High configuration speed and low costs
Fast and transparent infrastructure configuration, facilitating and accelerating team collaboration.


Build of new infrastructure for SAP implementation

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