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Hybrid IT Consulting, Transformation and Implementation Services

Hybrid IT Consulting, Transformation and Implementation Services

Hybrid IT Consulting, Transformation and Implementation Services helps to reduce Time to Market. 
For one customer we’ve achieved:  
  • Top operational savings: 300k euro/year. 
  • Top Time-to-Market (TTM) decrease: 10 times. 
  • Top IT project budget efficiency gain: 220%. 
* details are under NDA and may be provided due to a customer’s request 

Professional services provide expertise, experience, and specialized knowledge to help clients and business achieve their goals.

Professional Services helps customers:
  •  To increase ROI ratio in IT Infrastructure layer
  •  Optimization of operational efficiency
  •  To Reduce Time to Market
  •  To support business units achieve their targets and plans
  •  To assess compliance of IT infrastructure with the company’s strategic business goals
  •  To have an independent expert evaluation of the IT infrastructure and processes, etc.
  •  To have a communication interface among core business and IT functions
Our consultants (solution architects) have the experience, knowledge, methodology and unique framework to integrate IT department and all business functions it supports:
  •  Demonstrable proof of our results through numbers
We can prove our results and declare business related KPIs because of our unique framework based on:
  • TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)  
  • Systems thinking  
  • Customer centric approach  
  • Design Thinking


Continuous Expert Support
This is especially important for businesses dealing with a market that is subjected to constant changes. Having a partner that you can trust to support and augment your company is especially valuable.
Increased Focus
It’s important to focus your time and energy on core business functions—those areas of work that rely on your specific knowledge and experience to create value.
Increased visibility and strategic decision-making
With the challenges that professional services teams face, choosing the right tools can help customers unlock benefits like higher profit margins and better client retention rates.


Migration from vShape platform to Microsoft Azure

Build of new infrastructure for SAP implementation

Azure IaC Framework

Implementation of Microsoft ecosystem

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