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Project management Office Administration

Project management Office Administration

PMO administration is a key component of service delivery, which provides support for the implementation of projects, programs and portfolios, bringing them closer to the ideal. 

We launch and introduce PM office processes and start getting results from them in less than 3 months.

We help you reduce the risk of project failure by improving practices in issues management, planning, scheduling, resource management, accounting, quality assurance, and communication.

We can staff and assist the PMO with its daily operation and at the same time transfer knowledge to the staff of the organization.

We offer consultancy and individually configurable service.

PMO Administration provides a variety of services that proactively ensure the successful operations of PMO to both internal and external Customers.

  • Project Management Support – creation and adaptation of standards, methodologies, best practices, process descriptions, templates and instructions.
  • Planning – Templates, control and education.
  • Finance management – Gathering and processing data, regular reporting, education.
  • Communication, reporting and data management – Standards, templates, control. Analytics and dashboards.
  • Resource management – Separate role, standardized process, tools.
  • Risk management – Templates and control of usage, education.
  • Quality management and audit – successfully implemented internally and we got +12% of projects closed on time, +21% of projects closed within agreed budget, overall PM maturity >90%.
  • Project scope management and Demand management – Dedicated service and complete demand management team. 

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