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Standardization of delivery from different Suppliers


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An audit was conducted by us which identified lack of agreed communication model in account and overall unstandardized delivery from different Suppliers. Also, auditors pointed on lack of control for deliverables from Suppliers and lack of use of standard practices for service delivery.

Identified issues:
  • Customer’s questions are being solved very slowly with lack of response from Suppliers’ side
  • Many escalations are related to human errors
  • All reporting is very custom and time consuming


Delivery manager with wide crisis management experience was added to the account team.


  • Escalation tracker was introduced and implemented. All escalations and executions of action plans are being tracked there
  • Regular and effective communication between Ops Managers from different Suppliers was set up
  • CSI process of standardization and optimization of delivery was launched with primary focus on needed metrics, KPIs and extended reporting
  • Communication and escalation models were created and presented to the customer, this allowed to address proper questions to the proper people. All operational questions started to be solved in BAU mode by Delivery Manager
  • Operational questions in customer’s attention area started to be properly coordinated which allowed to avoid escalations

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