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Penetration testing of a web service


Chilean technological company

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The customer is a well-known Chilean technological company providing system integration solutions to support logistics processes of 100+ companies from different sectors.

Customer requested “ethical hacking” external penetration test for the critical web-application using “Blackbox” methodology in order to address vulnerabilities in applications and make web environment more secured.


GDC Services team performed vulnerability analysis of URLs on the network & platform level, as well as successfully provided the requested penetration test.

1. OWASP Application Security Verification Standard was chosen as main framework which contains security requirements and maintains a list of the 10 most dangerous Web application security holes, along with the most effective methods to address them.

2. Experts performed:

  • reconnaissance (port scanning, open-source intelligence);
  • vulnerability analysis (identification of assets and threats;
  • discovery of the security breaches);
  • exploitation (web application attacks);
  • post exploitation (privilege escalation, collecting system info).


In just a month the GDC Services team provided the following deliverables
  • Prevention of unauthorized access and privilege escalation. One High vulnerability was identified.
  • Prevention of exposure of data or unintended code execution. Three Medium and three Low vulnerabilities were identified.
  • Detailed report with mitigations on the elimination of all vulnerabilities according to GDC’s recommendations.
  • The Company identified its ability to detect an attack and react appropriately.
* The joint project with Softline

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