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Management of crisis


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Improperly managed project with delayed schedule (6 months) out of budget (15%), with only 80% of completed project deliverables passed to our PM.


  • Review of the project scope compared to current customer’s expectation to focus on the valuable outcome
  • Redeveloped reporting and communication increased the trust between stakeholders and saved the time for routine joint calls
  • Found out the tasks and deliverables not actual for the customer anymore
  • Agreed with the customer to made a project scope & budget review, adding new, important, deliverables
  • Made resources review which resulted in the additional involvement of people with matching knowledge, which increased speed and quality of the project


  • Speed up project end date for 1,5 months

  • Saved 10% of the budget

  • Increased customer satisfaction from 65% to 95% in one months

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